What You Should Know About Extensions For Eyelashes?

Posted by Gracie Middleton on October 26, 2016

Your eyes are a prominent feature of your face and by improving their appearance you can transform your face for a more alluring look. You can use either fake eyelashes or extensions to achieve this look. But on the whole, extensions are a more permanent solution and they give a more natural look given their overall quality. In this article, we will be focusing on the merits of extensions for your eyelashes.
Eyelashes extension has become more popular over time due to the large number of celebrities who use it. They are glued individually to each of your natural lashes and the process can be quite time consuming. It is also something done by a professional. You can’t do it by yourself like applying fake eyelashes. These extensions will add more length and fullness to your lashes. This will minimize the amount of makeup you need to put on adding to your convenience.
Depending on the sales, you can get lash extension deals. But it should be noted that extensions are more expensive than fake eyelashes due to the fact it is more permanent and the process is carried out by a professional. Anyone can get extensions as long as your natural lashes are longer than three millimetres.
The extensions are generally made of high quality material. Most will be out of synthetic mink that is made out of polyester. You can also get authentic mink hair that is obtained fairly without harm to the animal. It will look more natural than any other material. But it will be quite expensive as well. The advantage of synthetic material is that they tend to last longer.
You can even double the length of your natural eyelashes. But if you’re going for an even longer length, it may cause the extensions to fall out faster. Unlike fake eyelashes, false lashes are shed naturally just like our existing lashes. They can remain up to a year given proper maintenance. There is an elaborate process that does into the application of the extensions. The fake lash which is dipped in a special adhesive is applied to the natural lash, keeping about one millimetre above its root.
Some may be allergic to the adhesive that might show by redness or swelling. But professionally applied extensions pose no health threats and they are completely safe for the wearer. They will need more maintenance than fake eyelashes due to the length of time they stay on. They will not need to be curled or any additional eye makeup. However, if you’re using mascara, make sure it is water based and that you apply it to the tips only.