Protecting Your Private Spaces From Intruders

Posted by Gracie Middleton on December 16, 2016

When we think of burglars, we tend to think of strangers in black masks and we think of thugs and uneducated people who break in to our homes but this cannot be further from the truth. This idea that we have of burglars is an idea that has been built by the books we have read and the movies we watch on television when the truth is far scarier than this idea. The truth is that in many cases, the crimes taking place around us will be committed by people well known to the victim. In your office, it could be the friendly cleaner that you have lovely conversations with every morning or it could be your favorite employee that you entrust all your personal things with. In most cases, burglars will come in to their victim’s lives months ahead of time and will get to know their victim, their routines, their private lives and the details of the things that they own that are worth stealing. Visit this link to gain ideas about the ideal form of security for parge properties  and open spaces.

The importance of background checks

While it is important for you to have the best cctv camera installation in your work place and the best security systems, the best thing you can do to ensure your safety and the safety of your staff and your family is to do a thorough background check on everyone that you hire. You can be sure that in ninety percent of the cases, you will find a smudge on their record. If they are planning something, they have tried it before and failed or gotten caught and this will appear on their record if you look deep enough. You do not need to worry too much because anyone who has nothing to hide would not mind a background check being done on them.

Speak to a number of CCTV companies in UAE and have the best security camera fixed in your office room but it is also important for you to keep in mind that there is a chance that the person committing the crime may not be the person working on the inside and therefore the person working in your office may continue to work for you long after the burglary even with the best of systems.

Therefore, your employee who works hard and goes out of their way to do their work may and may not be someone with an ulterior motive and therefore it is vital for you to not trust anyone except your own family too much. It is always a good idea to keep any employee at a slight distance no matter how long you have known them.