Preparing Your Car For A Race

Posted by Gracie Middleton on August 26, 2016

Whether its speed racing or track racing, before you get behind the wheel you will need to make sure that your car is well tuned to give it the edge from other cars that you are competing with. Here are a few things you might want to consider before putting the pedal to the metal.
Tyre pressure
When it comes to having good control of your car, your tyres play a key role. You will need to make sure that they filled to optimum pressure. One key thing to note is that the tyre pressure increases with temperature, so most times, the manufacturer stated tyre pressure might not be the ideal pressure for you to race in. Having the ideal tyre pressure could take a bit of experimenting, and if you do get it right, it should help you in manoeuvrability and improve traction.
Before you set out to go on your race, you will have to ensure proper safety measures are taken for both you and your car. Wearing your safety belt is staple when it comes to protecting yourself, but there are also other safety measures you will have to take to protect your car and thereby yourself. Look into race car fire suppression systems to prevent your car from catching fire if some of the components in your car begin to overheat. This should also save other components of your car from getting damaged if one of them begins to fry out.
Before the big day, make sure you run proper maintenance checks to see if your car is running as it should. Things to check are your engine oil, battery, vehicle fire suppression system and if it is loaded with adequate fuel. The most important check you will have to make are your brakes. Check to see if the brake pads are not too worn out and that your stopping time is well within the usual.
The weight of the car will play a significant role in speed and acceleration. The heavier the car, the more force that will be needed to get it moving. Remove any unnecessary parts from your car before the race. Things like your spare wheel and even your rear passenger seats could make a significant difference in the weight of your car. Also check to see if the trunk of your car is empty before the race.
By following these guidelines, you should be well set and ready to go. Remember though winning the race does not solely depend on the car that you are driving, but the driver itself.