Planning Your Office Vacation

Posted by Gracie Middleton on December 18, 2016

Planning your office annual vacation can be a lot of fun but it can also be a rather stressful task because you will be tasked with planning a trip for many people with a very small allocation of money and this can be quite impossible at times. Of course, you will need to find ways of saving money and doing things differently in a way that will not cost as much money.

Plan your vacation activities creatively

You will need to first plan out your budget and find out exactly how many meals that you need to plan out. You will also need to allocate money for Abu Dhabi bus rentals and accommodation. The best way to have budget accommodation is to rent out a house for a few days that should cost you next to nothing but will still give you the chance to bond with your colleagues because of the shared sleeping and living accommodations. Of course the house should be a big house with a big number of rooms.

Many car rental companies will be willing to give you a good rate in exchange for speaking about their services to your clients and friends. In fact, many companies will happy to offer their services at cost price in exchange for some other service. If your company is an advertising company, you can offer to draw up a few ads or write out some copy for them in exchange for give you a good rate on the transportation.

When planning your activities, make one of them a cook out or a cooking competition. This way, you will be able to save on the costs of getting your food from a restaurant on one day which will save you a lot of money and you will also have a nice and fun team building activity to work with. You can host a competition that is akin to some of the cooking shows on television where each person votes for the best food and also rate each team for their ability to work as a team and cater to customers preferences. This means that if there are vegetarians in the crowd, they need to give a good vegetarian meal to them and ignoring them will make the team lose points. Similarly, they will need to pay close attention to food allergies and other dietary preferences. This is a good exercise in customer service excellence and you can also use the opportunity to give a training on the subject to your colleagues and staff.