Moving Your Business To A New Location

Posted by Gracie Middleton on August 16, 2016

Shifting offices can be very stressful and very tiring however, when it needs to be done, it is best to find the best way of moving offices as efficiently as possible. One of the main reasons that moving office or even moving homes for that matter is extremely stressful is that it is usually much unplanned and moving day can be much unorganized. The best way to move offices in the shortest time possible with as little problems and hitches as possible is to do your planning and research months ahead of time.
Finding a new location
It is important that you start looking for an office space for rent in Abu Dhabi months ahead of your moving day giving you time to make a solid decision based on many points. It is important for you to list all the pros and all the cons of your previous office and consider these points when looking for a new office. Make sure that your new office has all the things that made your previous office a positive experience and make sure that you eliminate as many points as possible that made your previous experience difficult.
Although it may cost more money than a traditional office at first glance, it is always advisable to choose to rent a serviced office instead of the alternative because this way, cleaning, servicing and maintaining the office will be one responsibility off your shoulders.
In fact, if you analyses your expenses for cleaning your office every day, you will be surprised to find that on the long run, you may actually be saving a lot of money. Hiring full time staff to clean the office daily, cleaning supplies, cleaning products, servicing of lights, fans, air conditioners and all other expenses associated with cleaning your office can be a lot of money throughout the year and all this expenditure will be avoided by choosing a managed office.
It would also be a good idea for you to choose an office that has a lot of natural lighting and ventilation because having natural light in your office means less reason to use electricity and use cooling or heating systems. Therefore choose a location with big glass windows that will allow natural light to enter your office. You will be very surprised to see just how much money you are able to save in electricity and energy bills every month. Also choose a location that has easy access to food and coffee shops because this means that your staff are less likely to take long lunch breaks going out to look for lunch meaning more work time within the office.