Know The Exceptional Ways To Use Cladding In Your Home

Posted by Gracie Middleton on December 12, 2016

No matter what the style or structure of your home is, cladding can make its exteriors classic and timeless. However, if you thought that the exterior walls are the only place where you can use them, then you have got it wrong.

This versatile, durable and strong element can renovate any part of the house and bring depth of character at every space. For example, you can transform the conventional fireplace with the help of incredibly designed and finished cladding. The best part is that cladding companies manufacture them from different types of materials, and these can be categorized into:

• Metal cladding

• Wood cladding and

• Plastic cladding

The metal cladding solutions made from reusable metals are available in many color options and finishes. They are high in quality, and most of the homeowners prefer to use them for roofing as it lasts for a span of 40 years without any sign of corrosion or damage. Besides, being easy to maintain they enhance the structural integrity of the home. Common examples are zinc, stainless steel and aluminium cladding Dubai.

The wood cladding on the other hand is made from hardwood or engineered wood to provide protection to your home. Since they are 100% recyclable, they remain to be a great option for garden and interior applications.

Plastic cladding turns out to be one of the most preferred options after metal. Vinyl, which is the world’s second most popular plastic is cost effective and environmentally friendly too. In fact, some of them are manufactured along with pre-installed insulation to eliminate the high threshold of cooling and heating bills.

Where To Use Claddings To Beautify Your Home?

There are three prominent areas in your home where you can use cladding and these are:

• Exteriors: This is perhaps one of the most obvious places to install them. Cladding covers the exterior wall giving it a new look and feel that can make it stand apart from the crowd. It is best to choose the one that compliments the design of your home, so that it can harmoniously enlighten the aura of walls.

• Garden walls: Your garden can turn out to be an oasis during pleasant weather. The garden walls are boundary makers that will add an element of landscape or ideal backdrop to the plants or other components that are part of your garden. These can be even used at the lower walls to retain its color and shine.

Use cladding as per your requirements and add beauty to your home. Choose the right providers and experience the best service.