How To Say It With Flowers?

Posted by Gracie Middleton on August 25, 2016

There is more than one way to send a message and show that you mean the words you say. You can get a card with a pre written note that fits the sentiments you wish to convey. However this might seem impersonal. A card with a personal verse from the heart is also a good way of showing how much you care but what if you don’t have that way with words? It might be difficult to figure out what to write.

Flowers are one way you can send a message that seems warm and personal. Different flowers can mean different things. Therefore you can ask your florist in Dubai what flowers are best for the occasion. Meanwhile, here are three examples of the way in which you can convey different messages through flowers.

Passion or love

You might want to send some flowers to that special someone to convey your love or passion. It is well known that red roses convey this message of romance and love. Another flower that conveys this message is an orchid. Different varieties of Orchids can also convey different messages. Orchids are a costly flower as they require a lot of attention and care to grow. However once in bloom they are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers. Therefore Orchids are considered to be the perfect representation of passion and romance as they reflect this unique and rare nature of your affections.

Get well soon

If you have an ailing friend and you want to send something that will cheer them up, a bouquet of yellow roses are a good idea. Yellow roses are known to convey these well wishes. If your friend is admitted in hospital in a dull room, flowers are a sweet and thoughtful way to liven it up by adding some personality and colour. Ask your florist if they also have an add on gifts delivery option as most people do, and send a balloon or a teddy bear along with your bouquet to cheer up your friend further.

Deepest sympathies

Flowers are also a good way to convey your deepest sympathies when a friend has suffered the loss of a loved one. Ask from a professional for a flower arrangement that convey sympathies, and such an arrangement will typically contain lilies and other types of white flowers.

Lilies are known for conveying sorrow. Their simple and delicate white petals reflect this sombre emotion and the right flower arrangement can further convey the message you hope to convey.