How To Make A Successful Education System?

Posted by Gracie Middleton on October 26, 2016

Education system in the country becomes a very influential factor that can affect the development and the success of a given country because it is the education system that shapes and forms the upcoming generations who will become the future leaders of the country. Described below are some considerations that need to be taken into account when creating an education system in the country if it is to be a successful one.
Qualities and etiquettes
No person is complete unless he or she has good qualities and etiquettes inculcated in him or herself. No matter how educated or how knowledgeable a person is, if that person does not have good qualities and etiquettes such person will find it hard to proceed in his or her life as people or the society with not respect him or her and will not give a good recognition to such person. Unlike the knowledge on subjects qualities and etiquettes cannot be crammed or studied and graded. They have to be practiced and added to the lives gradually. Therefore a mechanism to develop qualities and etiquettes in the future generation need to be introduced starting from nurseries itself. Increasing the chances for the children to move with the society, understand the difference between good and bad, comment and reflect on conduct of different personalities need to be included in the education system.
Global knowledge
It is seen that the people are no more concentrated into the affairs if their country only and the chances where people get to interact with the people of different countries are more. Therefore the children should be provided with an education system that can make them successfully survive in a fast moving world. The education system must include international languages and subjects that teach international and diplomatic affairs as knowledge on such will be required in the future. This aspect of the education system seems to have been already identified by the British nurseries in Dubai which seek to give a quality knowledge and practice to the children from their very early ages. Likewise the school syllabuses need to be revised and modified in a way that the future generation gets a good global knowledge out of their education system.
Extra-curricular activities
Besides other features extra-curricular activities also help a lot to shape out a good citizen for the country and the education system should take that aspect also into account. Sports and aesthetic activities help a person to become complete as such will teach how to enjoy and value life. Therefore the extra-curricular activities need also be included in the education system.