Find The Right Planner For Your Next Event

Posted by Gracie Middleton on October 14, 2016

As you go up the corporate ladder the chances are that at least once in your life time you will have to hire an event planner to organise an event. At those times finding the right planner will put you at ease while the wrong guy will spell disaster. These are few things to keep in mind for those times.
Specialty and experience
Most event management companies have a field they specialize in. these will be the ones who usually produce the best work for your requirement. They can immediately understand your needs and can propose alternative approaches where necessary.
It goes without saying that experienced planners are better than novices in general. It does not mean that novices can’t come up with good ideas, but they may not be able to have a very good grasp of the feasibility of the event in question. This is true especially if it is a corporate event that needs months and months of meticulous planning.
Find someone creative
Creativity is not only limited to beautifying halls. Sometimes you will need someone to give you a solution to an unexpected problem.
Easy going but firm partner
No one likes a high and mighty partner to work with even if they are from a reputed boutique agency Dubai. Make sure you find someone who will listen intently to your opinions and try to make the event as close as possible to your requirement. Sometimes they should be able to gently explain to you why your idea just won’t do and suggest possible alternatives.
A hardworking team
Hard work and attention to detail is the only way to pull off an event successfully. Every detail is important especially for the bigger events. During your discussion see how much attention the planner pays to the finer details. If he tends to overlook important small details this could be an indicator of unforeseen shortcomings on the day of the event.
Find someone who will not make you sit on pins
Last but not least, find someone who you are comfortable working with. The purpose of an event planner is to make things easier for you. Ideally, once you give your requirements you should be able to walk in to the event assured that everything has been taken care of. This of course has practical restrictions, but an event planner should be able to take load off your back once things are handed off to him. If you need to repeatedly check on his work then maybe you are better off handling things on your own.