Benefits To Visa Applicants When Submitting PR Applications From The UAE

Posted by Gracie Middleton on August 17, 2016

Getting your Permanent Residence (PR) in a prosperous country where you and your family can settle down in for the long haul may be a life goal of yours. With current world issues such as political instability, widespread terrorism and increased segregation, migrating to another country has become a distant and unreachable dream for most individuals and families. That being said, there are a few benefits when getting your PR from a developed country if the application is made from the United Arab Emirates, even if you are not a citizen of the country. So if you are currently a resident of the UAE for employment, all hope may not be lost when it comes to obtaining your PR in a great country. Take a look at a few contributing factors which will act as advantages if you apply from the UAE;

Increased Ability to Meet Requirements

Most countries outline very specific requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible to obtain a permanent residence state in that country. These include a specific level of education, professional skill set, evidence of finances and assets, etc. You are at better odds of meeting these criteria when you apply from the UAE because you may already possess all of these qualifications as an expatriate. On top of that, if you work in the UAE, you will have professional experience in a developed economy to top it off. You also have a better chance of meeting the financial requirements as there is an increased earning capacity here when compared to your home country.

Better Guidance and Support

There is a very good support system in the UAE for obtaining PRs in foreign countries. You will be able to locate many specialist organisations that offer sound guidance, advice and provide better access to all the relevant information that you as the applicant should know. Especially if you are planning to migrate to a European country, the UAE is a great place to apply from. UK visa application from Dubai is made possible through a number of independent bodies who have specialised in obtaining visas and PRs to specific countries.

You can also find immigration consultants for Australia if that is where you see yourself settling down in along with your family.

More Timely Processing and Correspondence

The UAE has very efficient government agencies to provide for all your documentation and processing needs that work all round the year except for a handful of public holidays. The country also has foreign consulates and High Commissions of all sovereign nations, along with third parties that process visa and PR applications in a timely manner. So if your home country does not have such an effective system in place and it takes a long period of time to get formalities out of the way, then it is a good idea to submit your application from the UAE. You will find that the processing time is much less and that there is prompt correspondence from the agencies and consulates when compared to other parts of the world.